i am z

nyt’s year in ideaz

From this years NYT’s Year in Ideas a z: zombie-attack science
lookz like z’z win


z crackers – z best!

right in line with the history of z, this recently discovered z is unique and cut by hand, offering delicious and different products from coast to coast. what other name could be more fitting than z crackers?


when contacted z company to crack the mystery of this z, z was told:

The reason they are called “Z” is because in our many years in business we’ve had a lot of complicated, hard to remember names.
Keith’s step-mother was French and she asked for a license plate with the name of her country Inn. She said its called “The Inn”. But, of course with her heavy accent, they heard “Z Inn” and thats what they gave her for the license plate!
We loved the simplicity of the name and of course the fact that NO one would forget it.

memorable and tazzzzty!
thankz pam!


the tazte of z

another z recently spotted….mixing tradition and technologiez that are oh so z!


Pepe Z Tequilas are 100% agave tequilas made and bottled in Mexico by Pepe Zevado who then imports into the United States. The all natural products are excellent tequilas at very attractive prices. Pepe Z Tequila is available in liquor stores and restaurants throughout Austin as well as other places in Texas and the southeast US.

Jose “Pepe” Zevada embodies the word Tradition. Born of European parentage, Pepe was raised by the values that your “word and a handshake” meant a promise would be kept. He was taught that the dinner table was sacred because that is where families came together to celebrate life’s events. Pepe has been in the liquor business for over 30 years, and as a tequila expert, his name on the bottle represents his personal commitments that the product contains all the characteristics an excellent tequila should possess.

Through the combination of tradition and high technology, this has placed Pepe Zevada among the leading distillers in Mexico. Pepe Z Tequila is produced with extensive care to detail, from the selection of 7 to 9 year old agave plants, the careful choice of cultivated yeasts through the unique short column distillation process, managed by a staff with over 30 years distillation experience. Finally, the spirit is aged in Canadian white oak barrels, which gives it hues of amber and gold. A single sip reveals the smooth uncompromising taste.

Pepe Z Tequila is produced from 100% natural ingredients, with no additives to modify or change its exceptional quality or authentic taste. This is insured through using demineralized water so the minerals do not contaminate the spirit.

Z Tequila tasting profiles:

Blanco: The delicate smoothness and exquisite bouquet evokes the authentic aromas of the agave from where the spirit is distilled. It is a testimony of a precise fermentation and distillation, giving the true original taste of premium agave.

Reposado: The golden color and harmonious aromas is the product of careful selection and distillation, together with a minimum of 8 months in white oak barrels, producing a sophisticated, spicy floral aroma and flavors with character and depth of finish.

Añejo : The rich golden color and complex aromas are the result of a slow again for 19 months in white oak barrels. A delicate vanilla and butterscotch aroma lead to a full flavor of ripened agave, earthy spice and a complex smooth lingering finish.



zuzatz to me one more time

of course z is always looking for z’z so couldn’t help but notice this sign in a local store:


and then z had to further investigate what this z waz all about:

Zuzatz are an exciting breakthrough for every woman with a busy lifestyle, personal style and a desire to express it. Comfortable, beautifully designed bottoms with an almost limitless choices of interchangeable uppers, Zuzatz allow women to move gracefully and instantly from day to evening, work to play, traditional to flamboyant, and lady like to sexy. For women who care about always looking perfect, Zuzatz are the perfectly beautiful accessory.

ZUZATZ has designed a shoe that you can wear every day, but can completely change its look as often as you do. ZUZATZ put together the most functional and fashionable shoe available. Our patent clip system combines comfortable, beautifully designed bottoms with interchangeable sandal uppers that help you to change the look of your shoes in seconds. ZUZATZ gives you endless possibilities with exclusive designs. We like to make life easier while making you look effortlessly stylish.

with that many possibilitiez of course its a z!!!!



Malika Favre of Airside redesigns her Alphabunnies into sexy pin-up alphabet for July’s sex theme issue of Wallpaper. Of course the letter z:


z-source: cyana trend land


the pleasures of zu


what’s more to be expected from z than pleasures?
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ziprin’s myztical legacy

a powerful gravitational attraction for poets, artists, experimental filmmakers, would-be philosophers and spiritual seekers….of course it’s a z!
unfortunately a z death but much deserving to be zblogged: lional ziprin: